In Memoriam

A memorial to members of the society who’ve made notable contributions to our society and the memory of Jules Verne.
  • Mark Eckell (2023), A Jules Verne enthusiast and was our Treasuer up until his passing.
  • Brian Taves (2019), A Jules Verne film & television scholar, our fifth President, and Editor of the Palik Series.
  • Edward Baxter (2019), A fine French to English translator of several of Verne’s works.
  • Tom McCormick (2012), A man who was passionate about Mysterious Island.
  • Bert Grollman (2011), A charter member of the society whose career was in ballistics.
  • Norman Wolcott (2011), A man who helped us to understand the Victorian era translators. He also worked with Project Gutenberg to improve the quality of Jules Verne material available.
  • Walter James Miller (2010), The man who revealed back in the mid 1960s to the English reading public the atrocities committed by Verne’s Victorian era translators.
  • Sidney Kravitz (2009), A member whose knowledge and generosity regarding “The Mysterious Island” knew no bound.
  • Edward Palik (2009), Benefactor of the society in regards to our efforts to publish untranslated works into English for the first time, our Palik Series is named in his honor.
  • Betty Harless (2008), One of the society’s founders and our first Vice President.
  • Dr. Zvi Har’El (2008), Founder of the Jules Verne Forum, a means of bringing Jules Verne Fans around the world together.
  • Prof. Robert Pourvoyeur (2007), Scholar in the theatrical aspects of Verne’s oeuvre.
  • Prof. Stanford Luce (2007), Wrote the first Ph.D. thesis on Verne in 1953. Translated the novels “The Mighty Orinoco”, “The Kip Brothers” into English for the first time. As well as a new translation of “The Begum’s Fortune”.
  • Henry Sharton (2000), One of the society’s founders and our first Secretary and later our second President.